Soweto Township Tour

Soweto Township Tour

We offer the Best Guided Tours of South Africa and most importantly Soweto Township Tour.

The Soweto Township tour is inclusive of visits to the California of Soweto; historic hotels; the biggest hospital in Africa; The Mandela Museum; The Hector Peterson Museum; Freedom square; Kliptown squatter camp with a 1 on 1 opportunity to engage with the warm community; the historic Regina Mundi church; stop at Winnie Mandela’s and Bishop Desmond Tutu’s house; Visit Soweto’s Great Jazz Musician’s House – Sipho Hosticks Mabuse (based on his availability). Discover the all new Inspirational Home Museum where you will learn about indigenous writing systems and the sacred connections between people and animals.

Tours on Sunday have Church Stops but on request.

Soweto Township Tour (Half Day)

DURATION: 4 hours
PICK-UP TIME: 9:00 to 13:00 / 13:00 to 17:00

(we can tailor make your tour to suite your Time)

MEALS:  Not included but Lunch will be available on request.
ENTRANCE FEES: Included for Soweto Inspirational Home Museum.
(PLEASE NOTE – not all attractions on this tour are open every day)
PRICE: R890 per person

Soweto Township Tour (Full Day)

DURATION: 8 hours
PICK-UP TIME: 9:00 to 17:00
MEALS:  Not included but Lunch will be available on request.
ENTRANCE FEES: Included for Soweto Inspirational Home Museum.
(PLEASE NOTE – not all attractions on this tour are open every day)
PRICE: R1700 per person.

Private Tour

Travelling with strangers during a tour may not be your cup of tea. On our privately guided tours you will get to enjoy your own company and being able to have all the attention focused on you. The private tours give you an opportunity to spend more time in all the tourism spots, touch the touchable, talk to the locals, basically be at home and the best part is that you can customize your tour based on your personal or professional interests.

  • Private Half Day Tour R1500 per person.
  • Private Full Day Tour R3000 per person.
  • Please note that Airport and Hotel transfers are billed separately

Private Tours With Mandy

Going on a tour with Mandy is like being with your best friend, your sister, your mother.  Children fall in-love with her and she is knows exactly how to do everything that will make you feel good about yourselves, not only that a tour with her feels exactly like visiting a long lost family member, the memories will be deep and the friendship will last well beyond the tour.

Having spent 25 years connecting with different souls from all walks of life through Imbizo tours Mandy is well informed in different fields, you can have a discussion from on topic to another, you can agree to disagree.

Her tours our engaging and mind stimulating, if interested she can share her personal political experiences. Going on a private tour with Mandy will never be found from any other providers.

  • Private Half Day Tour with Ms Mandy R1700.00 per person.
  • Private Full Day Tour with Ms Mandy R3400.00 per person.

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About Soweto

The name Soweto is derived from the acronym South West Townships. The township dates back to 1905 when the then Johannesburg City Council took the opportunity of moving black residents of this area to a place 20km south west of Johannesburg. In 1948 After the National Party took power, it instituted the then Group Areas Act and forcibly moved black population groups out of inner Johannesburg areas, to Soweto.

Today the city of Soweto has more than 2 million inhabitants; it has also seen large scale developments in infrastructure. The township boasts world class shopping malls, including the famous Maponya Mall; parks and recreation facilities; many restaurants and B&BS; the newly opened Soweto theatre; and University of Johannesburg Soweto campus.

R890 per person minimum (Please enquire on pick & drop off rates)

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