Imbizo Museum Tours

Imbizo Museum Tours

On the Imbizo Museum tours you will tap into expert knowledge while perusing South African museums with a guided tour. Learn more about the buildings, the art, the history and the culture better than the internet could ever tell you.

We offer a range of half-day or full-day museum tours either in Johannesburg or Pretoria.

The museums include but are not limited to:

Soweto Inspirational Home Museum is original and is one of a kind, founded by the first black women who also the founder of Soweto tours in 1994.
The Museum is a few meters away from the historical Church Regina Mundi and a school that was donated by Prince Edwards Girlfriend in the 40’s. You can walk from the church to the Museum taking in the vibrant culture of the community.

The Museum is a first of a kind to expose hidden history of African knowledge and wisdom between animals and plants, showcasing old ancient hand writing and get to enjoy our herbal tea tasting in our beautiful garden giving you peace and tranquillity.

The Cradle of Human Kind Museum

This Museum is a paleoanthropological site, it is a world-renowned place said to be the birthplace of all humankind. It is the site where the first hominid was found and has a vast repository of limestone caves to explore.

LiliesLeaf Farm

Liliesleaf Farm has to be the most insightful and interactive Museum of its kind. This farm was used strictly by African National Congress activists (ANC) in the 1960s which saw the capture and arrest of the top leaders including Nelson Mandela. A day spent on the farm will tell a story of South Africa’s liberation struggle through interactive exhibits.

Apartheid Museum

The Apartheid museum showcases the rise and fall of the era of segregation and oppression of the black majority. The museum takes you on a journey with chilling insights and full understanding of the architecture and implementation of the Apartheid system.

Constitutional Hill- Court

It is said every South African and Visitor to this beautiful country must visit the Constitutional Hill. The Museum was a former prison and military fort that bears testament to the past and current standing of South Africa. This Constitutional court is the birthplace of our democracy and the protector of human rights in South Africa.

Satyagraha House of Gandhi

As Gandhi himself said, South Africa was essential to his personal achievement, spending 21 years in South Africa he lived in Johannesburg and his house has since been turned into both a museum and a guesthouse. This Museum will allow you to immerse yourself in knowing Gandhi who lived a private life and the history of the country.

Origin in Wits University, DNA testing

If you are looking to explore and celebrate the rich history of Africa, the Origins centre is one place to visit. The Museum provides a journey of discovery in three phases beginning with the origins of humankind, the development of Art, symbolism and technology of the continent. The second phase being the discovery of fossils in South Africa and the last phase showing the destruction of the diverse Southern African rock art traditions. The Museum also gives you the opportunity to have DNA Ancestry Testing done for you.

Museum Africa

Museum Africa is one of the most beautiful buildings in the City. The museum focuses on the Indigenous African Cultures, history and archaeology, and linguistics, and the collection of rock art is more than impressive. This Museum will take you on a journey back into the glory years of the African Continent’s past and to a place where the very first civilisations thrived.

Workers Museum

South Africa has a rich history going back as the early 1900’s through the 1970’s when it comes to people coming to the City of gold to find work. The Workers Museum tells the story of migrants who came to Johannesburg leaving their homes and families, black workers faced extremely bad living conditions and hardships under the Migrant Labour system which you will get to see first-hand.

National Museum of Military History

This brilliant museum was opened in 1947 by South Africa’s then Prime Minister General Jan Smuts, following the end of World War II. The national museum contains fascinating displays of old weaponry, including some of the first heavy artillery guns which used in the Anglo-Boer Wars such as the Maxim machine gun, the howitzer, automatic handguns and magazine-fed rifles.

Beer museum

The Beer museum takes you to the home of beer in South Africa, offering a fun, creative and informative tour. We also take you to a host of other museums and factories where you can experience first-hand beer being made.

Credo Mutwa Cultural Village in Soweto

The Credo Mutwa Cultural Village in Soweto is not an ordinary village. It consists of an outdoor exhibition that showcases the works and the inspiration of the one and only Credo Mutwa. His work in the village includes sculptures and buildings which convey his personal and political messages. His work provides a stark contrast from traditional African Folklore and techniques with modern and westernised ideas and trends.

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