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Imbizo Tours is a black women owned tourism business specializing in offering information on different fields through private or group tours. We organize professionals, business people and individuals on networking platforms. Imbizo Tours prides itself in that it also caters to students giving them the experience to view and interact in different fields through University tours, where they are given a platform to learn and exchange information over lunch with other South African Students and researchers.

Imbizo Tours created a platform for many tourism companies in and around Soweto today. Imbizo Tours strives to make a difference in people’s lives through tourism. We have assisted many people in Soweto and the country towards living a meaningful and better life.

Imbizo has donated a Day Care Centre and assisted in establishing a youth Centre in one of the poorest areas of Soweto, we have assisted and continue to support Restaurants, Bed and Breakfasts and many other small businesses. We train young people to become local Guides in the neighborhoods and poor settlements. Today we have many student graduates coming from the poorest areas of Soweto and Alexandra Township through Tourist donations. Some of the South African expatriates who now live in Australia and Canada contribute a lot in assisting the youth of Soweto and Alexandra by donating towards Educational equipment and paying for the education of the children who come from these impoverished communities.

If you will, feel free to take a look at our Soweto Tour or our Alexandra Township tour or better yet you can see a full listing of all our Tours here.

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