Joburg City Sightseeing tours

As long as you are with Imbizo Tours, you’re going to have a great time.

By Lumka Shabalala

Johannesburg Tours

Johannesburg Tours

Johannesburg affectionately known to us locals and joburg has it all the hustle, the bustle, and this fast paced lifestyle is one of Joburg’s biggest draws. Nobody knows it better than Mandy and her knowledgeable tour guides. They have all been born, bred and raised on the sometimes tough and yet delicately unique streets of Johannesburg. Johannesburg Tours

Joburg is an incredibly diverse city, steeped in history and natural beauty. On the surface, it is cosmopolitan and vibrant. Although away from the CBD, you will find rolling hills, tranquil horizons which all set the scene for a peaceful and inspirational escape. It is a city of contrasts, and beautiful contradictions.

There are many Joburg City Sightseeing tours, however a tour with the Imbizo Tours team is guaranteed to be the most authentic and relaxing journey you can take through the city. You have the option on combining the Soweto or the Alexandra Township tour with this tour and through this you are guaranteed different routes and each stop offers something new and enticing. If you’re in Joburg ever, why not give it a whirl?

“As a French TV crew we visited Soweto with Mandy. She introduced us to many people and old Miriam Makeba’s friends, helped to visit significant places, told us many stories and took us in a typical Soweto shebeen. Very helpful and interesting! Thank you Mandy!”

Joburg City Sightseeing tours

Joburg City Sightseeing tours

How do I book a tour?

Well this is the easiest part to book the tour simply click here or you could send us an email on or call the following number  +27612053235

What does each tour cost?
The price for the Johannesburg city tour is an all-time low R790 per person.

But when you combine the Johannesburg and Soweto tour you can pay as lilltle as R1500.

Another option is to expericnce the best of the best and see both Johannesburg and Soweto with Mandy, the incredible woman who brought tourism to Soweto on a private tour. If Joburg is not your cup of tea then please have a look at our other tour options here