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Soweto Horseback Riding Tour

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Soweto Horseback-Riding Tour


The Soweto Horseback-riding tour is an amazing experience and an opportunity to enjoy a horse ride in the Soweto Equestrian Centre for 1 hour.


The price:

R900 for pick up, drop off and horse-riding (this is inclusive of the R300 entrance fee to the Centre).


Don’t miss out don’t say we did not tell you

(Please note that airport and hotel transfers are billed seperately)


About the Horseback-Riding Tour   


Mandy’s close friend Mr Enos Mafokate had a vision of improving the welfare of cart horses in Soweto, to open the elite world of riding to people, who would otherwise never get the chance to ride on a horse, and to get disabled children on horses. This was made reality in 2006.

The Centre has become a rehabilitation Centre of some sort not only for the horses but also for many Kids who come from disadvantaged homes, as result the centre finds themselves providing clothes and food to the disadvantaged Kids.

Over the years we have been specializing in Vaulting, Show jumping and Bowling. This means that the Centre not only gives a focus on horseback-riding activities but to pay attention to domestic issues and inspire the kids of Soweto to aspire for a better life instead of turning to drugs and criminal activities.

We are proud to say that this tour aims to assist the centre and to show the world that Soweto is a community of people who want the best for themselves.

Some of the achievements by the children are excelling in every show or competition they have participated in, they have won first prize at the 2016 South African Championships held in Cape Town they are confident that one day they will get the opportunity to represent South Africa in the Olympic games and come back home with a gold medal.

So come and spend a day with ImbizoTours and enjoy a horseback-ride in Soweto. You will have fun and be helping a worthy cause.


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