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Alexandra township tour

Township Tour Alexandra Alexandra township alex5
Reality at its best the tour offers a rare opportunity to visit and discus in different fields with the local people in their own space. Homes and street corners

Alexandra Township Tour

This tour includes a visit through the most densely populated and one of the poorest area in Johannesburg situated next to the richest suburb, Sandton. The tour is more interacting with locals and being in their lives as well as the history, hope and desperation that is accompanied by this magnetic little township home to various politicians, business people and celebrities. Visit Mandela’s one bedroom home where he lived in the 40’s, a homemade gym sponsored by Richard Branson and the high rising buildings made of corrugate iron. Lunch available on request.


Time: 9am -1pm or 1pm - 5pm  

Price: ZAR half day R780.00 per person

Private Tour: ZAR R1300.00 per person half day (minimum 2 people)

You can combine Soweto and Alexander Township tour full day


(Please note that airport and hotel transfers are billed seperately)


About Alexandra

Alexandra, is a township in the Gauteng province of South Africa. It forms part of the city of Johannesburg and It is affectionately known as "Gomorrah" among local residents.

Alexandra was established in 1912, on land originally owned by a farmer, a Mr Papenfus, who tried to establish a white residential township there, naming it after his wife, Alexandra. However, because it was (at the time) a considerable distance from the center of Johannesburg, the idea failed success. Consequently, Alexandra was proclaimed as a so-called "native township".

Bra Sly Selo a famous producer, playwright and Musician from Alex wrote this about Mandy, "On several occasions tourist companies have brought tourist groups to our house or to my rehearsal space. Mandy, was introduced to me by one of my Actors who gave her my full social, cultural and political background through the performing Arts especially in Theatre.

We finally met. I then realised she was not just running a tourist company, she is on a humanitarian mission,  "UBUNTU" making different people meet to talk, know, love, show caring, and understand each other as a one people of the human race. That has inspired me and it has given me a greater fulfillment."


R690 per person (we can tailor make your tour to suite your Time, You may combine the Soweto and Alexandra Township full day tour)


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