Shebeen Crawl Tours

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Feel the spirit of humanity and enjoy an unforgettable evening

Shebeen Crawl Tours

The Soweto shebeen pub crawl Tour offers one an opportunity to mingle with locals inclusive of dinner and a welcome drink. Visit different shebeens that cater to different people and have different offerings. The tour is a fun and insightful night of music, dance, local drinks, local people and a chance to participate in Soweto night life and make friends. And agree to disagree


Age restriction apply - Kindly advise us on your age to arrange the right Shebeen for you.


Time: 6 - 6.30 pm to 11.00 pm

Price: R1500 pp (incl Dinner, pick up & drop off charges at selected areas. Please enquire on areas)

(after 11.00 pm a R100 extra charge per hour applies)


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