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Traditional Healer Tour

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Traditional Healer Tour



The traditional healer tour includes a visit to a traditional healer for fortune-telling through the Bible or throwing of bones. For your past, present and future the healer specialise in dream interpretations and guidance. Learn about African Traditional Doctors how they graduate to become doctors how their ancestors play an important role in healing people and receiving messages.

One has an alternative to get an African Cleansing session where one gets a full body wash down utilizing African herbs and techniques.

Time: Flexible


R1000 per person. Morning Tour (Includes Traditional Healer Consultation fees)


About traditional healers

A traditional healer or in South Africa or a sangoma is a specialist of ngoma, a logic in light of confidence in tribal spirits and the act of customary African medication, which is frequently a blend of restorative plants and different creature body fats or skin. Sangomas play out an all-encompassing and emblematic type of mending by drawing on the installed convictions of the indigenous people groups of South Africa, who trust that predecessors in existence in the wake of death manage and ensure the quality of life of the living. Traditional healers are called to recuperate, and through them, it is trusted that predecessors from the soul world can give guidance and counsel to mend ailment, social disharmony and profound challenges

It is trusted that the spirits have the ability to mediate in individuals' lives who work to interface the sangoma to the spirits that are acting in a way to cause distress

Spirits are accepted to utilize the human body as a battleground for their own contentions. By utilizing ngoma, the conventional healer trusts they can make amicability between the spirits which is thought to bring mitigation of the patient's torment

The profoundly therapeutic prescriptions recommended by a customary healer are called muti. They might be utilized in recuperating as justified in the sentiment of the homegrown authority or inyanga. Muti is a term got from a Zulu word for tree. African conventional solution makes broad utilization of organic items however the medication endorsed by an inyanga may likewise incorporate different definitions which are zoological or mineral in structure. Customary pharmaceutical uses roughly 3,000 out of 30,000 types of higher plants of Southern Africa

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