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A home away from home tour

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A home away from home tour


This is a one in a lifetime experience where you get to spend a day and night in a family home in either Soweto or Alexandra. South African’s are known for ‘Ubuntu’ meaning humanity. The experience will allow once to feel the spirit of Ubuntu direct from the / families whilst living their day to day life. Enjoy their traditional dinners and breakfast, you will be treated as a family member, Families will do anything with you even taking you to visit neighbours or attend traditional ceremony or weddings

We will arrange the transfer and the introduction to your host family. A choice in the type of family or home for example-rich, poor families or a B.B in Soweto.


Pick up from Hotel: Time: 6.00 pm

Pick up from the family: 9:30/ 10:00 am

Optional: Join the Soweto before we drop you off to your hotel

Price: ZAR R1.500 (including pick up & drop off at selected areas, B&B& Soweto tour.


*Prices are subject to change in the new year.


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