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Going on holiday with your significant other is one of the best things you can do together.


Going on holiday together is a great way for couples to both relax and really get to know each other. They could be discovering unfamiliar terrain together, wandering through a vineyard hand in hand in the beautiful city of Cape Town South Africa, reading dog-eared novels on a beach or drinking away in a dimly-lit bar in the Great City of Johannesburg. 

Travelling with your significant other is super exciting and allows you to learn new things about each other. Here are 5 amazing things that may happen when you explore the world with your partner.




1. You will strengthen your entire relationship.


Studies have shown that couples who travel together are happier overall.

Sometimes when you are in a relationship over time you get used to your partner, and the excitement declines. However doing something exciting like travelling, that excitement gets to spark your interest to each other.

In other words, no matter how long you've been dating or married, exploring a new place together will likely lead to a happier relationship. Vacation for the win.


2. You will have better sex


Holiday sex is real... Simply put, being in a new bed in a new place is very freeing, so you're more likely to open your mind and ~experiment~ than when you're wrapped up in your routine. The couples I have through Imbizo say going on an adventure together "inspires" their romance. Which should kind of inspire you to book your next ticket, no? 

Learn - like, really learn — what your partner truly loves to do.

Perhaps your partner enjoys nothing more than waking up at the crack of dawn and taking photos of the sunrise or he/she is a history buff, and really gets into the stories behind all the places you're seeing.

Yes, you can learn such things when you're at home. Of course, you can. But traveling together 24/7 puts your and your partner's interests and passions ~directly~ on display. After all, it's just you guys — no friend dates, no job to go to during the day, no yoga classes at night — so you're better able to observe him or her in a totally unfiltered, purest-of-the-pure way. This is bae — NO CHASER.


3. You smile and laugh and kiss and jump for joy more often than you can possibly imagine.


You will break the dance floor when you try to actually dance, you will smile at each other as you shove street food in each other's faces, and you will try not to laugh at the guy next to you who is hoarding a whole bunch of peanut butter packets from the continental breakfast.

But you will fail, because if there is anything you've learned along the way, it's that you love laughing together, and there is nothing you can or will do to ever change that.


4. You learn that, if you're with the right person, it doesn't even matter where you're going all the time — because you're actually already there.


When you're on a trip, it's all too easy to get caught up in the itinerary, the must-sees, the attractions. But the best part about traveling with your significate other, is that you enjoy being around them so much, you know it'll be a fun adventure wherever you go — including right there where you are. 

Thank you to everybody who was a part of Imbizo Tours during February the month of Love, we enjoyed your company and we trust that we will be seeing you sometime soon because we have created a familial bond with you. Bon voyage and we hope you tell stories of us and South Africa to your friends and family.


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