Hello Mandy,

back on earth again, in a cold and mostly gray Holland…. Since yesterday the sun is shining with 15 degrees over day, so we live towards a nice warm summer, finally pffff!! :-)

Of course a lot of people are asking: what did you do there in JoBurg, was this your first trip? What impressed you most? I am full of stories and impressions and I love to share, you and I had a little chance to spend some time together so you know me a little bit.

I tell them what impressed me most was to meet you and your sister, for sure the moments in the church that touched me deep in my heart. I have travelled a lot around the world and I have heard and seen a lot. 

The Heart energy I felt at that moment in that church was so powerful, so strong, so touching that I was overwhelmed and I want to thank you for that moment. This is what I want people to get in touch with again, this is what feels for me as life energy. Everybody has the right and the chance to tap from that life energy. The source of all that is.

As I said, down to earth again hahaha!!! I told you about my passion, Aloe Vera and how to work with that Miracle Plant, how to earn money with it as a  safe business in a friendly end stabile nice environment.

To learn a little bit more about it, I send you a few links, just a few minutes long. It gives a good impression about what we do and what we love.

I really am curious about your vision on this, will you have a look and share what you think and what you like most?

Have a great day, universe is with you :-)

- Sabine

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