Fantastic half day tour of Soweto



My husband and I took a tour with Imbizo tours in February. We had a great half day tour of Soweto with Mandy. She is a lovely, opionated, and knowledgeable person and has a truly sparkling personality. She let us take a deep look in her identity, the South African identity and politics, as well as the different faces of Soweto. It was truly memorable, especially since she brought us in contact with different people around Soweto who carried out smaller parts of the tour (e.g. Tully in Kliptown). And we always felt safe because we were with locals.
This tour was no classic sight seeing, it was rather a cultural and anthropolical lesson, which changed our view on a lot of things concerning South Africa. We learned so much more by talking about the Apartheid, Zulu rituals, and living in a township with locals than we would have by only visiting e.g. Nelson Mandelas house (which we only saw from the outside). Mandy makes one feel like a welcomed friend whom she is showing her life and the life of her people. She tries to leave an impression on ones heart, not in ones head.
This has been a memorable experience for us which we can absolutely recommend for people who want to know more about a place than its architecture and the main tourist spots (even though we are perfectly sure Mandy could do that as well, if one wishes for that ;-) ). 


- Franziska

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