Unforgettable tour


We had heard about tours like this in various cities in South Africa and decided that we wanted a guide who actually lived in Soweto, which brought us to Mandy of Imbizo Tours (thanks to trip advisor). She is terrific as was her charming guide-in-training, Zo, who also accompanied us. Went on a Sunday morning, 9 to 1, which was amazing because we visited a couple of church services, which were fascinating. Started our tour of Soweto in the fancy part of town known as California. Also visited the home of a family in one of the areas with no plumbing or electricity, though, despite sewage in the street, the home was scrupulously clean, and in fact, quite attractive. When setting up the tour via email, the pricing was somewhat confusing. Having Mandy as our guide cost approx 30% more, though it was well worth it. I had asked about "tips" that were alluded to, and these were downplayed in the email exchange, so we had just barely enough cash. For us, part of the value of the tour was the candid conversation with Mandy and Zo, who are delightful and funny. Very glad we spent the money to do this, it was unforgettable and uniquely personal. 

- Ulysses06

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