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I Mandy would love to thank all the people who come across my path and those who left their warm souls and took mine along with them, thanking all those who are still referring their friends, colleagues and families not forgetting all the Travelling information books, Eg Gutters, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide American Farmers and many mores who still believe in Imbizo Tours and still giving us an opportunity to touch lives.

Imbizo Tours a Soweto tourism company owned and founded by Mandy Mankazana.

Imbizo Tours created a platform for many tourism companies in and around Soweto today. Imbizo Tours strives to make a difference in people lives through tourism. Imbizo has assisted many people in Soweto and the country towards living a meaningful life.

Imbizo has donated a Day Care Centre and assisted in establishing a youth Centre in one of the poorest areas of Soweto, We have assisted and continue to support Restaurants, Bed and Breakfasts and many small businesses. We train young people to become local Guides in the neighbourhoods and poor settlements. Today we have many student graduates coming from the poorest areas of Soweto and Alexandra Township through Tourist donations.

Some of the South African expatriates who now live in Australia and Canada contribute a lot in assisting the youth of Soweto and Alexandra by donating towards Educational equipment and paying for the education of the children who come from these impoverished communities.
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